Do You Know Why Branding Is Important For a Business? 

What is branding?

Branding is the sense of individual persona we give the brand by conjoining elements like name, design and symbols. This persona helps define and distinguish the brand from its competitors in the market.

“Brands are essentially patterns of familiarity, meaning, fondness, and reassurance that exist in the minds of people.”— Tom Goodwin

Branding is everything in business!

Think of any brand that comes to your mind organically. The best brand voices are the ones that connect with you on the go. You may not be able to avoid the hoardings that scream out their presence to you! What is it that catches your eye? It’s the very thing that targets their customers! 

Every brand attaches its image to its core values and principles. This holds true for a lot of leading names. This helps achieve relevance to the consumer’s mindset and connect organically to their customers’ emotional and physical needs.

Here are the key factors to keep in mind for branding.

Branding is a perpetual process that does not stop if you want to keep going in the market. Markets are constantly evolving and branding processes should follow them to keep abreast of the competition.

In a structured branding process, it’s important to identify your stakeholders, create and formulate a brand strategy to position your brand and manage to execute the measures needed to influence your brand positioning. This is how the brand reflects your ideology to the masses, who are your potential customers.

The next step is to translate your brand positioning into assets and actions. Visual identity, content production, ads etc. are a few examples of assets. Brand positioning propels actions- services, customer support, human relations and experiences to name a few services.

Perception is the way stakeholders perceive your brand. The stakeholders now perceive your brand in a certain way that your brand’s voice has communicated to them. Perception goes by the word ‘reputation’ in branding.

Investors are the stakeholders along with clients, existing customers, employees, shareholders and business partners. Each one builds upon their own perception of the brand and interacts with it, accordingly.

Why is branding important?

Branding plays a significant role that influences the overall impact of the company. It has the power to make or break the way your audience perceives you. If done wrongly, it can cost your business some serious reputation and sometimes even cost you all your hard-earned savings. Branding has the power to influence your brand voice to the public. This helps the audience perceive your brand in a way that you can control if done correctly. If not, it can cost you your hard-earned money!

Branding plays an important role in generating future business. Strongly established businesses can increase brand value in the industry. If the company gives it leverage in the industry, it makes for an excellent investment opportunity, increasing the appeal of the trust factor established in the brand. ‘Brand Valuation’ is the brand receiving financial weightage.

It can drive new business, increasing the brand value – but if done wrong or not at all, it can provide contradicting results. A strong brand will face no trouble drumming up business referrals. Customers are likely to trust the voice and image of your brand if they find familiarity with your brand’s principles and find dependability in your name. A well-established brand can use word of mouth as its most effective advertising technique. Just as the reputation of a person precedes it, the reputation of a brand precedes it.

Employees working for a well-known organization or a seasoned brand, take pride in the work they do. This holds true for employee satisfaction as well. Aiming for satisfaction in their job helps employees perform better on a personal level. Therefore, reputation and employee retention matter. 

Human interaction is the basis of commerce, employees become the first line of communication for the brand; the first ambassadors. Employees associated with the brand perpetuate it to the clients. This translates into better products, better services and better leadership overall.

It is always an ongoing challenge for brands to find a voice in the chaos of the market. It’s the brand voice that creates an impression on potential customers. Customer trust is the best way to root your voice in the marketplace. The quest for finding the right brand voice is an experiential and never-ending conquest.


Planning brand strategies is vital to a brand or business. Brand strategies can make or fail your success rate in the marketplace. A few people may find brand imaging “fluff,” but potential customers perceive brand imaging first. The focus is for the audience to fetch potential customers, and help them start a conversation about your brand or services.

Taking on this challenge can be scary. We love taking on new businesses and strategizing for you, which helps brands deliver the perfect message in resonance with their audience. Make sure you reach out to us at Deffective Duo for all your branding and marketing solutions.